Project Manager/ Implementation Manager, Charleston SC

Position Summary

We are currently recruiting a project manager to lead the set-up and deployment of our flagship real estate CRM platform and consumer website solution for new real estate broker clients. This position will serve as team leader of the Provisioning Team, a small group of data specialists and technicians who work to set-up and launch new clients on the  platform. As part of the client services team, the project manager is responsible for defining the internal workflow processes, managing client and vendor relationships, and overseeing the new client Provisioning Team. The product manager will also be involved in performing a variety of operational tasks that are required for a successful new client launch.

Performance Profile

1. Define and implement the internal workflow process for launching new client websites and setting-up client teams on the platform.
2. As our team’s primary point of contact you will build extremely strong relationships with clients, manage expectations, set/enforce deadlines, extract content, and maintain constant communication.
3. In the first two weeks, meet the team and learn all aspects of the  product (web marketing, website, leads management system).
4. Conduct a comprehensive operational review of internal workflow processes including systems, procedures, and roles. Especially consider simplification and increased efficiency/speed of the new client set-up process as a whole. Complete this review in the first 30 days.
5. In the first 45 days, having examined the internal workflow processes, identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement and develop a re-organizational plan to improve the new client set-up process and platform roll-out.
6. Execute organizational changes as outlined in the plan; including file structure, naming conventions, internal documentation, etc.
7. Perform a wide variety of operational tasks involved in setting up new client teams including email set-up, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, User accounts, etc.
8. Communicate with Sales and management to coordinate the flow of new client projects.
9. Coordinate 10-12 new client projects per month and maintain ongoing client relationships. Perform post-mortem analysis after each client launch to identify weaknesses and improve processes. Strive for 100% client satisfaction in the roll-out process.
10. Work with the Product Development Team to share resources and team members on a schedule.
11. Longer-term strategic issues include scaling new client project processes and support systems to promote relatively fast growth. This includes scaling the team, roles, responsibilities and workflows to allow for 20+ new clients per month in 2010.

Professional Qualities

* Must be EXTREMELY organized and efficient at managing many simultaneous responsibilities.
* Very strong interpersonal communication skills are critical.
* Genuine, positive, and uplifting attitude that inspires coworkers to attain goals and pursue excellence.
* Remains on the forefront of emerging industry practices.
* Continually seeks opportunities to increase client satisfaction and deepen client relationships.

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